Stand still to savor

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slow walk
short distance
long calm view
deepening gratitude

garden meets beach

August 12, 2013 - One Response

Stand still
Sunlight dazzles and dances across the surface of the incoming tide
At my feet– a single flower
tossed from the garden above–
Each petal bright as the sun
Savor this moment

Sunset Beauty

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Savor the calm at the end of the day. Sit silently as the sky blossoms in sunset colors.

This little light

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Savor the light that illuminates the path ahead…

12 June, 2013 11:03

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Savor the moments of beauty right in front of you…pure gift to witness and savor it.

Morning Moments

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Morning calm

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All gifts to savor.

Start today

April 4, 2013 - One Response

Savor Morning Moments

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Gather this moments beauty
within your heart
and take it with you
into what lays ahead.